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November 29, 2017

Medical Excellence Moment - Call Out…Shout Out…

As healthcare professionals we find ourselves in leadership roles in various capacities - leading our patients in direct patient care, team leader, director, administrator for clinic or facility, training representative for product or resource, etc.

Leadership is evolving from a 'front of the room, do as I say' perspective to a more cohesive, engaged style where all team members are equally valued and the leader 1st serves and empowers the team.

In this medical excellence moment, Dr. Simone shares an often underestimated tool that is an easy to implement skill that will transform the work environment, increases morale and ultimately improve the employee experience.

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November 22, 2017

Why Triage is Ruining Your Life as a Healthcare Professional - Dr. Simone Josey

Everyday we triage our patients and administrative work.  In short, we give life threatening, major practice impacting issues top priority.  Triaging is a vital part of a successful practice and effective patient care.  However,  in episode 33 of More Than Medicine, Dr. Simone demonstrates how this age old, vital aspect of healthcare can negatively affect the lives of those who diligently practice it.

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November 15, 2017

Dr. Simone Interviews Wealth Trainer Dr. Janee - Homeless to Helping Others Achieve Wealth

This episode is for all of us who plan to make wise financial choices in the coming year!  I recently traveled to Dublin, GA where I shared my experience and expertise with a group of fellow healthcare professionals in Dublin, GA.

I shared on ways to help manage stress, have a more healthy work-life balance and ultimately avoid provider burnout.

Financial stability definitely plays a huge role in the quality of life we have and thus is a factor in our work-life balance.  Most people think healthcare professionals are 'rolling' in the money!  That's not the case for everyone, and even still, making smart financial decisions is important for us, our family and our legacy.

In episode 32, of More Than Medicine, Dr. Simone Interviews wealth and prosperity trainer, Dr. Janee Mobley.  She shares her personal story of financial loss, poverty, being unemployed and how she bounced back by implementing some key mindset strategies and actions.

This excerpt will leave you thinking about how you  can change your financial situation, for the better!

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November 8, 2017

Disregarded to Doctorate - Dr. Simone Interviews Dr, Hardy

I started to cry as I was listening to the final edit of this week's More Than Medicine podcast.  As healthcare professionals our days are filled with worst-case scenarios and our success as providers is based on our knowledge of disease, morbidity, and death.  I wanted to share some sunshine with you to help you get ready for what lies ahead!

Today, before you walk into your office, before you see your first patient, or put out your first office 'fire', listen to Dr. Krist'le Hardy's story.  It is a story of inspiration and determination - success against the odds.

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to help us overcome all the struggle and negativity in the world, in our community and ultimately be in a better place, emotionally, to serve our patients.

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"I will either see you AT the top, or FROM the top. You decide!"

November 1, 2017

Healthcare Leaders - collecting resumes can improve productivity- Dr. Simone Josey



Being a leader in healthcare is not easy, especially when you are not always able to hire new people when times get rough and productivity declines.  Also, most healthcare leaders feel an onus of responsibility to their team members and would rather see them improve in their work,k rather than see them have to leave or get fired.

In today's episode, Dr. Simone shares a unique and effective way to inspire and lead your team to be more engaged and productive - using RESUMES!  Yes, you read that properly.  She shares with you some of the points from one of her signature presentations - Deja Vu to Deja Do! (it is of the more highly requested presentation of this year for my speaking schedule).


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"I will either see you AT the top, or FROM the top. You decide!" - Dr. Simone Josey


October 25, 2017

The Story Behind the Book - Dr. Simone Josey’s TV Interview

Why did I write the book? What was my creative process? Who is the book for?  What can the book provide to healthcare professionals?  

In epsiode #30, these and other questions are answered as Dr. Simone shares her journey to publishing her 1st book, More Than Medicine: What They Don't Teach You in Medical, Nursing, MA or PA School, in her TV interview on the Dialogue Show with Karla Heath-Sands. 

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October 18, 2017

Dr. Simone Interviews Dorian Marsh - Cultural Competence in Healthcare

Patient engagement and improving patient outcomes are cornerstone concepts and practices in healthcare.  In episode #29, Dr. Simone speaks with Family Nurse Practitioner, Dorian Marsh and they discuss the concept of Cultural Competence in Healthcare.

Dorian Marsh defines and explains practical ways to incorporate this best practice in your daily service to your patients.  

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October 11, 2017

Why I don’t hate medicine anymore - Dr. Simone Josey

Episode #27 shares a bit of Dr. Simone's story that lead her to professional speaking and even this podcast - More Than Medicine.  

Dr. Simone has found a way to find deeper meaning and increased happiness as a healthcare professional.  Listen to find out how YOU CAN, TOO!

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October 4, 2017

Dr. Simone Interviews Doc Rick - Holistic Lifestyle for You & Your Patient

In this interview. Dr. Simone has the pleasure of interviewing Doc Rick, Holistic Podiatrist.  Doc Rick  is one of the the few Holistic Podiatrists in the United States.  In this information packed interview, we learn an easy way to lose weight, gain strength, decrease stress, improve cardiovascular health in just 10-12 minutes per day!

Dr. Simone has personally used this information shared to improve her own health and get in better shape in just a few minutes a day.

The best part is that Doc Rick shares how he has used this lifestyle modification to help improve his patient care!

Listen now to find out more details.

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September 27, 2017

Words to Live By - Dr. Simone Josey

Healthcare professionals, our lives are complicated -both at work and at home.  We spend so much time listening to the hardships, ailments, pains and chief complaints of our patients, and for those in leadership roles - our team members.  It can affect our productivity and mindset.

In an effort to equip herself with the right mental attitude, Dr. Simone has developed a daily verbal formula to help mitigate negative thoughts and maintain her thoughts in the right direction.

This simple formula can be tailored to fit your life/work needs. Check it out!

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