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Dr. Simone Interviews Wealth Trainer Dr. Janee - Homeless to Helping Others Achieve Wealth

November 15, 2017

This episode is for all of us who plan to make wise financial choices in the coming year!  I recently traveled to Dublin, GA where I shared my experience and expertise with a group of fellow healthcare professionals in Dublin, GA.

I shared on ways to help manage stress, have a more healthy work-life balance and ultimately avoid provider burnout.

Financial stability definitely plays a huge role in the quality of life we have and thus is a factor in our work-life balance.  Most people think healthcare professionals are 'rolling' in the money!  That's not the case for everyone, and even still, making smart financial decisions is important for us, our family and our legacy.

In episode 32, of More Than Medicine, Dr. Simone Interviews wealth and prosperity trainer, Dr. Janee Mobley.  She shares her personal story of financial loss, poverty, being unemployed and how she bounced back by implementing some key mindset strategies and actions.

This excerpt will leave you thinking about how you  can change your financial situation, for the better!

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